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Helping Children & Families Reach Their Full Potential

Dr. Deb’s Center for Child & Family Development serves as a community resource for Kansas City families and the Midwest Region. Expert level professionals from Medical and Behavioral Health Specialties work together to help families navigate solutions to their specific needs. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or any person who is concerned about children, youth or families:


No matter what kind of stumbling block you’re hitting, we provide research-based answers to your questions about parenting and your child’s development — and where necessary, develop a comprehensive plan of care to help both your child and your family reach their highest potential.

From small concerns to complex issues, we are uniquely qualified to help.

Whether your distress and worry is about a specific issue such as colic or no sleeping to trying to navigate a more global disruption or delay.


Our Mission and Priority:


As a multidisciplinary group of therapists, doctors & clinicians from medical and behavioral health fields, we are united by our passion and commitment to help children and families achieve their full potential.

We accomplish this mission by designing customized, research based plans of care.

Each plan treats the “Whole Child”: including siblings, parents, and any individual or organization who has an important interest and role that influences children and youth to reach their full potential.


Our priority is a commitment to provide exceptional, research based, quality and compassionate care that is uniquely designed to treat the “Whole Child”: siblings, parents, and all community members unique to each family across the lifespan.

A wide range of innovative services: from diagnostic assessments  to customized research based intervention at our Center’s state of the art setting, as well as home and community settings.

Educational offerings for the community and other professionals are offered through a variety of formats and by request.

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